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Beaches of El Hierro
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las playasAt the eight kilometers of the area of Las Playas there are several beaches. It is situated at the south-east end of the municipality of Valverde. In this area and at the foot of La Arena beach, there is a state-owned hotel, Parador Nacional de Turismo, considered the best hotel of the island. The emblematic rock of Bonanza, the symbol of El Hierro, is also situated at Las Playas, at the north end and in front of El Parador.

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timijiraqueTimijiraque beach has fein red sand and stones and it is 150 meters long by an average of 15 meters wide. It has a moderate swell, sometimes heavy, nearly all the year round, good for windsurf, and it is full equipped with restaurants, security, warning signs, a picnic area and public telephones. It is 10 and a half kilometres away from the hospital of the island.

puerto de la estaca Print E-mail

puerto de la estacaThe port of la Estaca was and still is a fishing port but it has also become a dock for passenger ships and the sea entrance of the island. Its big dock protects the bay from the heavy swell. Varadero beach is situated next to the port. It has smooth stones and it is 300 meters long by an average of five meters wide. All the area has the typical services of a port area. The hospital of the island is eight kilometres away.

la caleta Print E-mail

la caletaThe bathing area of La Caleta is situated between rocks, at the coast of Valverde. There is a swimming-pool with sea water near to the small groups of houses of La Caleta. There are some stairs to access the sea from the swimming-pool. The beach is 50 meters long by an average of 10 meters wide and has a moderate swell. There are usually anglers at the beach. It can be reached by bus from Valverde and the hospital is 10 kilometres away.

el tamaduste Print E-mail

el tamadusteEl Tamaduste is a bathing area, 60 meters long by an average of four meters wide, situated next to the coastal village of the same name, so it receives many visitors. It has fine black sand and calm water. There is also an anchoring area for small fishing vessels. The beach can be reached by bus and has all the typical services of an urban beach, as well as accommodation. It is nine kilometres away from the hospital of the island.


playas de el hierrocharco mansoCharco Manso (Peaceful Puddle) is, following its name, a puddle and not a beach. It is a natural swimming-pool situated at a cliff´s small estuary. Sea water enters the estuary without strength, as waves have already broken against the cliff. Therefore, it is a swimming area with calm water between rocks, about 15 meters long. Charco Manso is situated at a virgin area but it is well equipped. There is a parking area, although it can be reached by bus, and also a picnic area with barbecues and water supply. The hospital of the island is 11 kilometres away.

Pozo de las Calcosas Print E-mail

playas del este de el hierropozo de las calcosasPozo de las Calcosas is another bathing area or natural swimming-pool of the coast of El Hierro. This areas allow to swim without danger between cliffs. Pozo de las Calcosas is a little bit more than five kilometres away from the capital and is 20 meters long by six meters wide. It has calm water between rocks. It is situated at an area with some houses, restaurants and a parking area, although the exact place is isolated and has to be reached on foot, through a narrow path at the cliff with several stairs. The hospital of the island is nine kilometres away.


21 January 2021

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