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BARRANCO DEL INFIERNO Print E-mail initiate the footpath by a natural balcony with magnificent panoramic views of the landscape. To the other side of the precipice, the slopes are formed by piled up dark flows with reddish layers put in and numerous vertical docks that cross all the formation called Roque Negro. Around us there are many native shrubs (tabaibas, thistles) from the low parts of the island that has also been colonized by great populations of “tuneras”. The thistles are small bundles of life for many endemic plants and insects; they hang like candelabra suspended in the slopes. Thistles and many other species are along the route until the viewpoint of La Acequia Larga. The walls are adorned with lichen, moss and one can breathe the scent of wild incense, thyme and lavander. The lizards escape frightened and the kestrel catches our attention with the mastery of its flight.


From the viewpoint of La Acequia Larga there is magnificent panoramic view of the route, with Adeje at the end. Beyond the viewpoint, we go into a great shrub of “tabaibas” that extends through the slope until the Caves of El Marques. The precipice gets a bit narrow and the vegetation is denser and green; the footpath approaches the end of the precipice. We come across brambles and some almond trees.  We then find ourselves on the foot of the imposing Roque de Abinque, a mass of rock that almost plugs the precipice at the level of Cogedera. precipice turns and it narrows forming a deep tube. An open and luminous landscape takes place to a closed one of coolness and slight darkness. The great protagonist, the water, flows thorugh the channel under the willows, offering a show of forms and colours. With the willows we also chestnut trees, fig trees and typical flora of flooded areas, like watercress, rushes and mints.  On the upper level, the “Agujas de Abinque” (Needles of Abinque) adorn themselves with imposing streamlined dragon trees. The water oozes through the rock towards the stream and each paddle draws a suggestive picture of transparencies in which the light reverberates. We come near, going up, to the most impressive element of the Precipice.  


The path is abruptly interrupted on the foot of a spectacular cascade. The crystalline and cold waters that come for high summits fall over a pool that overflows into the willows. The precipice of hell now becomes the Precipice of La Fuente (the Source). In the dark walls we find emerald ferns and mosses fed by the gift that comes from the sky.

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16 May 2022

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