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Located in the wharf of Santa Catalina, on the first floor of the harbour station of the Jet Foil, El Noray is a unique place, a place on the sea, where you can live an unforgettable little while. With views to the landscape of the port, the coming and going of the passengers of the boats, to the capital of Las Palmas, with the stroll of its inhabitants, enjoying food and company, in an atmosphere that offers you serenity and privacy.  

restaurante norayIts kitchen is creative inspired by the traditional canarian food with a fusion of the Cantabrian one. Like most of all restaurants of the islands, there will always be good fresh fish and seafood on the table, with its specialty being “wreckfish gratin with local smoky cheese on a green bed and muslin pil pil with sweet tomato gelatine and cinnamon”, a dish that combines the freshness of the fish, with the force of the cheese, the lightness of the tomato and the essence of the cinnamon, a pleasure not only for the taste buds but also for the sense of smell since this last ingredient impregnates all the establishment long before reaching our table. 

But not only the fish is protagonist on this table, the meat is the inheritance that the Cantabrian kitchen gives El Noray, goat, suckling pig, whatever it is, but prepared by the hands of the chefs, with vegetable trimmings, pepper or cheese sauce.  

All the details of this restaurant are extremely well-taken care of, from the presentation and positioning of the tables, to the decorations on the walls, the simplicity and elegance of their glass windows, the warmth of their atmosphere and the force of their kitchen. 

Restaurant El Noray

Muelle Santa Catalina, Estación Jet Foil, 1º Floor

Reservations: 928 327 486 

Av. Price: 29€



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17 January 2021

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