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This is one of the most beautiful and interesting routes of Fuerteventura. Dare to go in its plains, in its barren valleys…



The interest of this route seems unquestionable; either from the tourist point of view or for the fact that it is the rescue of one of the elements that during many years have helped the local farmers in the difficult task of treating the grain that was so hard to get from the land.


It is interesting to point out how each one of the mills has special characteristics that identify them with its location.


Below is a list of places where these mills are located with a brief description of its special characteristics.


Corralejo: Mill of 2 floors and four arms.


The Cotillo: Several in continuing conservation.


Lajares: Mill of three floors and four arms. Very interestingly located next to a hermitage and another mill at the other side of the road.


Villaverde: Here is a set of interesting mills due to its incorporation in the landscape.


Tefía: Mill of three floors.


Llanos de la Concepcion: Mill of two floors and four arms.


Antigua: Here we will find the biggest proliferation.


Tuineje: Here are also many mills although advanced state of deterioration.


Tiscamanita: Mill of three arms.


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24 September 2020

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