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cactusThe cactus garden is situated in an area of Lanzarote which was a popular breeding ground for the cochineal - a parasitic beetle which feeds off cactus (especially prickly pear cactus) and was once a major source of income for Lanzarote and the Canary Islands. The cohcineal beetle was crushed to produce a natural red dye for clothing. Manmade dyes forced a decline in demand, resulting in another period of extreme hardship for Lanzarote farmers - some of whom immigrated to locations such as Cuba and Puerto Rico to escape the hardship.


The cactus gardens sits on an old 'rofero' - basically an old hollow where farmers had extracted rofe or lapilli (volcanic ashes) to cover their harvests with - it absorbs the much needed dew as there isn't a lot of rain on Lanzarote! Once inside expect to see an enormous range of Cactus species - fascinating. Manrique liked his phallic cactus for sure - they appear in many of his cultural centres and Miradors, not just on Lanzarote but also in Tenerife, El Hierro and La Gomera.


Outside the Cactus garden is also an endearing giant reconstruction of a cactus. There are 1420 different species of cacti in the garden, not just from the Canary Islands but from Africa and America too. Also onsite is a tastefully designed dome shaped shop, a bar and cafe with good views over the garden, an artificial freshwater lake and Manrique touches such as his toilet indicator designs which usually raise a smile (see photo left). Also in the cactus garden is the Guatiza windmill - you can climb to the top of this for great views across the cactus garden.


Visiting hours at Jardin de Cactus are from 10.00am to 18.00 pm

The Bar-Cafeteria is open from 10am to 17.45pm.

Parking and a souvenir shop are on-site.

Tel: 928 52 93 97.

Price: 4,80€



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03 June 2020

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