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This island awakes great interest amongst divers, not only because of the fact that in the summer, it is very easy to come across hammer sharks, tunas and others, but by the professionalism of the diving centres within the island. Some have more than 10 years experience and know the sea beds inside out and enjoy showing us without unnecessary risks.  

submarinismoThere is unique place in the Archipelago denominated Mar de Las Calmas (Sea of the Calms), which as it names denotes, it is calm all year round. It has been declared Marine Reservation and it displays a great number of caves, volcanic arcs and tubes with abundant vegetal coverage. In addition, there are numerous sea cliffs next to the coast, with concentrated species of oceanic fish of great interest.

Since it is the island that is most open to the ocean, it is a crossing site for many marine species. Here, in the fascinating volcanic beds of great beauty, we can find an ample variety of fish, mixture of fauna of tropical and subtropical latitudes. The climate allows for diving all year round in waters of an unusual transparency. The temperature of the sea does not get lower than 19ºC and a wetsuit of 5 mm should be sufficient for the coldest season.  

The evolution of diving during the last four years in the island has been spectacular, and nowadays El Hierro is one of the most frequented points of Europe.

 Diving Centres and Sport Activities:   

Actividades Turísticas El Submarino. El Matorral,78.

El Matorral Base de Buceo El Submarino. Avda. Marítima, 2. La Restinga. 922.557.068. Fax: 922.557.068. 

Centro de Buceo El Hierro. Avda. Marítima, 16. La Restinga. 922.557.023. Fax: 922.557.023. 

Hierro Sub. Carretera de Las Playas, 5. Valverde. 922.550.482.  

Meridiano 0: Juan Gutiérrez Monteverde, 40. La Frontera Tfno: 922 550 482 

Tejeleita: Isla de El Hierro, 15. Valverde Tfno: 922 551 110 

Puerto La Estaca: Valverde Tfno: 922 550 903 

Puerto de La Restinga: La Frontera Tfno: 922 557 081    


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26 January 2021

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