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The almost fundamental characteristic of Tenerife is its ample and thick vegetation that surrounds all around the island this park, reason why the four ways to get to the Teide we will enjoy stops and leafy trees that will at some points hide the sky. Whilst reaching the summit, the vegetation disappears and suddenly we come across one of the beautiful and most peculiar phenomena in the Canary Islands, the sea of clouds.  The clouds are trapped between 2 different hot-cold air masses, sliding through the mountains like water, their thick white colour of cotton appearance.  The sea of clouds welcomes us to Teide.


The vegetation from here is represented purely by small shrubs, like the Tajinastes and the Violet of el Teide, native to this area and with a magic flower that grows impressively through this arid landscape.


Fusion between black and greys, brought by the lava sea that in its day erupted from the volcano that today rests calm and watches over the island. With browns and bright reds of the Earth, the green from sulphur reminding us that it is still alive…Large plains, high mountains, rocks eroded by the passage of time, the water and the wind…


This great mass of earth urges us to get to know it. For this we have two ways, by foot or the cable car. Both of different beauties, since the first shows the details of Teide’s beauties and the other gives a global vision like for example seeing the other 6 islands from the highest peak in Spain.

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16 May 2022

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