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+ home arrow Leisure Activities in Gran Canaria arrow ARCHEOLOGICAL PARK OF LA CUEVA PINTADA

In La Cueva Pintada, conservation, investigation and diffusion are combined to offer a space in which the presentation of the pre-Hispanic past evokes the emotional and intellectual benefit for all the visitors. Discovered more than a century ago, this cave has constituted the most genuine example of the artistic representations of the native culture of this island. It is an excavated artificial cave in the volcanic tufa and whose walls appear decorated with frisos of geometric reasons.

cueva pintada de galdarIn the caves mummies, tools and pottery were found. But the most famous findings were the drawings that gave the cave its name. The light bleaches these drawings, so the cave was closed several years ago. Another problem is that the irrigation water, oozing though the volcanic ash rock of the cave, is raising the humidity and destroys the paint.


The paintings are red, black, and white squares, spirals, and triangles. The meaning of the paintings is not clear; some imagine symbols of female fertility, the expression of religious beliefs.


The whole site, the cave and the ruins of the surrounding village, were restored during the last years. The paintings were covered by a special glass to protect them. A new museum was created, which shows the findings and - as a part of the visit - the view into the cave. However, it is not possible to enter the cave, just a visit through the protecting glass is possible.



There are computers in the museum that allow a virtual cave visit (check also their website).


Located in Galdar, Gran Canaria. Located at the GC-810, the old national road through the town, south of the centre and the tourist information. Signposted.



Tel: +34-928-895746



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27 January 2021

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