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Casa de Colón (House of Columbus): The museum is made up of 13 permanent exhibition halls opened to 2 canarian patios. The funds approach the Canary-American relations. C/Colón, 1. The Palms of Great Canary. Tel: 928 312 386.


House Museum Antonio Padrón: Creative work of this author. C/Drago, 2. Gáldar. Tel: 928 551 858


House Museum Cho Zacarías: Old furniture, objects, utensils. Avda. Tinámar. Fertile valley of San Mateo. Tel: 928 660 627.


Casa Museo de la Fundación Patronos de la Virgen (House Museum of the Foundation of Patrons of the Virgin): black and white photographs, carpets, porcelains, furniture, weapons, pictures and a small museum of carriages and mounts. Plaza de Nuestra Señora del Pino. Teror. Tel: 928 318 400


House Museum Leon y Castillo: Monographic museum, painting, sculpture, engravings, porcelains and ivories of Fernando Leon y Castillo, I Marquess of Muni. C/León and Castillo, nº43-45. Telde. Tel: 928 691 377.


Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno (Atlantic Centre of Modern Art): The programme of CAAM is developed and is oriented around the historiography and critical investigation of relations between the art of America, Africa and Europe. It also exhibits collections of current local artists. C/Los Balcones, nº8. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tel: 928 311 824


Ethnographic Cave Museum of Barranco Hondo de Abajo: Ceramics, linen, pictures, stoneware, furniture, sacred art… Juncalillo de Gáldar. Tel: 928 555 120.

 Museo Canario: Scientific institution founded in 1880 in the capital of Gran Canaria that welcomes one of the most complete collections of Cro-Magnon remains of the world classified in 1881 by doctor Renato Verneau, who turned it into one of the most important anthropological museums in the planet. C/Dr.Chil, nº25. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tel: 928 315 600 

Museum of Abraham Cáredenes: Sculpture exhibitions of the artist. C/Ezequiel Sanchez. C/Ezequiel Sánchez. Casco de Tejada. Tel: 928 666 001 

Crafts Museum El Molino: Canarian crafts and sacred art. C/Mozart, nº1. Ctra. Gral del Sur. Km.30. Las Rosas. Tel: 928 782 439. 

Museo de Néstor: 10 rooms with artistics aspects. Parque de Doramas (Pueblo Canario). Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tel: 928 245 135 

Museo de Piedras y Artesanía Canaria (Canarian Stone & Craft Museum): Stones of volcanic origin, varied crafts, especially fretwork.  

Ermita del Cristo de los Canarios, Sacred Art exposition. Las Mejías. Camino Real de Gando s/n. Ingenio. Tel: 928 781 124.


Museo del Ron (Rum Museum): Equipment for the elaboration of rum throughout history. Photographs and a small library. Era de San Pedro, nº2.Arucas. Tel: 928 600 050.


Museo Diocesano de Arte Sacro (Sacred Art Museum): painting, sculptures, gold & silver work and books. C/Espíritu Santo, nº20. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tel: 928 314 989. 

Museo El Granero: Private museum (reservation in advance) with old furniture and objects. Tel: 928 780 177 

Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología (Science and technology Museum): Parque de Santa Catalina, s/n. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Tel: 928 011 001. 

Museo Etnográfico o museo de las Tradiciones: Etnographic or traditions museum. Prehistory of Tejeda (economy and society, habitat, cult and funerary ritual places).  C/Párroco Segundo Vega.Tejeda. Tel: 928 666 001. 

Museo Municipal de Arucas: Painting and sculptures. Plaza de La Constitución, nº 3. Arucas. Tel: 928 628 158.

Museo Tomás Morales: Personal belongings of the writer. Paseo Tomás Morales, nº1. Moya. Tel: 928 622 017 

Museo Vivo La Gallanía: Farming utensils. C/Piedra La Mesa. La Aldea de San Nicolás. Tel: 928 890 491.


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17 January 2021

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