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The departure is from the port of Los Cristianos. Although the boat will not leave until 11, you must be there at 10.30 to avoid any incidences or delays. This boat belongs to the Mare Nostrum Resort group, who offers free pick-ups at various points and hotels on the island.

lady shalley

It is a catamaran of 35 metres with a capacity for 225 people apart from its 6-crew members. The biologist/guide will be in charge of showing us the wonders of the cetacean world. Of the 75 species of cetaceans in the world, the Canaries are route for 27 of them. "Lady Shelley" is the only boat in the island that offers a “Sight Insurance”, meaning that should you not see any cetaceans, you can repeat the excursion. It also offers a refund in case of cancellations due to weather or mechanical conditions.

lady shelley

Right at the beginning of the excursion, 20 minutes away from the port, we can see the first dolphins. We stop the engines to avoid hurting them and we watch how they enjoy playing with us. A few minutes later we head towards Masca but we have to stop again because we can spot some pilot whales on our way. These mammals are called whales due to their size, but they belong to the dolphin family and can reach a length of 10 metres. During our trip, we enjoy refreshments at the bar as well as fresh fruit…


There are two main decks with bars, kitchen, ambient music, PA system…

Information and reservations: 922 757 549




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24 May 2019

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