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This Tree, source of many legends, has become a symbol for the smallest of the islands of the canarian archipelago and an example of the capacity of its inhabitants of taking advantage of the limited resources available. Today it has a centre that interprets the natural phenomenon of the horizontal rain and the archaeological and cultural wealth of this mythical place. You may obtain a certificate once visiting the centre.


arbol garoeThe Garoé or Saint tree had a sacred character or myth for the natives of El Hierro because the water that flowed of its leaves and gathered in a types of pool was sufficient supply to the natives, because any other drinking water tank in the island did not exist. When the conquerors arrived, in the XV century, the Bimbaches hid the tree, thinking that if the Castilians did not find water they would leave the island. Nevertheless, the story tells, that a local young woman fell in love with a Spaniard and divulged the secret to this one, receiving in return by such action and as punishment from her town the death penalty.


 The mythical tree was demolished by a hurricane in 1.604. At the present time, in its place is a similar laurel substituting the legendary Bimbache tree, but there are still the natural ponds where the rainfall keeps being collected.



Garoé, Árbol Santo

Pueblo de San Andrés.

Telephone: 922 555 072

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21 January 2021

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