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The Casa-Museo Unamuno (Unamuno House-Museum) is located in the old Hotel Fuerteventura, and is where D Miguel Unamuno lived whilst on the island. As well as a replica of the kind of space he occupied and his belongings, there are photographs and texts written by him that demonstrate the intense relationship that the Basque writer established with the island.


Born in Bilbao in 1864, Unamuno was both philosopher and writer, ironically anti-academic and one of the main representatives of the literary movement Generación '98. His work discussed the dichotomy between reason and the Christian faith, religion and free thought, and the futility of reason when faced with the "tragedy" of death. Although he was Basque, Unamuno learned 14 other languages and wrote in castellano ("Spanish").


He moved to Salamanca, becoming chair of Greek at the university, married in 1891 and had ten children. He went through his religious crisis in 1896, became rector in 1901 and was eventually exiled to Fuerteventura in 1924 due to his opposition to the military dictatorship of General Primo de Rivera. He did eventually return to his post in Salamanca after the General died, but lost it again when he opposed General Franco. He died in 1936, shortly after the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War.


It is open Monday-Friday 9am-1pm and 5pm-7pm and Saturdays 10am-1pm. Entrance is free.


Casa Museo Miguel de Unamuno-Puerto del Rosario

C/Virgen del Rosario,11 Tel: 928 862 376

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28 January 2021

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