You will be able to taste the most flavourful canarian specialties and the most exquisite international dishes prepared with utmost care and dedication. The surroundings include palm, fig, banana, avocado, papaya, lemon and orange trees, vineyards and other species which distribute themselves in more than 16,000 m2 of the surface of this property.  

Las Gangarras do not just offer great products but they offer the best and freshest ingredients. The above-mentioned trees as well as an organic orchard make it possible to deliver the freshest products.

The spaces to the disposition of the clients in Las Gangarras are the Garden, the Shed or if you prefer to enjoy an intimate, romantic and exclusive meal, only for you and your partner, your family or friends, you can choose one of the five Rustic Canarian Small houses that are available.

Also, Las Gangarras is ideal to celebrate weddings, baptisms, communions, company meals, anniversaries, birthdays for up to 170 people.  Las Gangarras is more than a simple restaurant. It is a thematic small house with canarian traditional culture. You will be able to go for a stroll through the property and visit the Lagar, the Warehouse, the Era, the Canariam Mini-Museum, the canarian fighting pitch…

A small great route through the time and the origins of our islands, which you should not miss.  

Pets are welcome!


Restaurant Finca La Gangarras

Camino Machín, 18 - Buzanada - Arona

Tel & fax: 922 76 64 23 


Av. Price: 15€