Easy to find, in the road leading to the little town of Uga, we can find this unique restaurant that hides its magic…good food and great wine…    The first thing crossing your mind whilst entering this cellar is the feeling of peace that you can breathe.

bodega de uga

The location of its tables, the warmth of the lightning, the scent of homemade food, the typical decoration, traditional and rustic, the ambient music…everything invites you to sit down and enjoy… The most traditional and homemade kitchen, elaborating with local products a menu that is only vocal, since there are no menus in this establishment, adding to its uniqueness.  One of the specialties is the Uga salmon. In the wine menus we can find local wines with certification of origin and many other Spanish names such as Riojas or Rivera del Duero.

bodega de uga

Everything elaborated in this place is why La Bodega de Uga is considered as one of the most reputable restaurants in Lanzarote, not forgetting the patisserie, homemade desserts with a creativity touch like its delicious cheesecakes.  

Mr. Carlos Herrero has achieved that La Bodega de Uga becomes a place for good food, simple and very hospitable.


Bodega de Uga

Ctra Gral de Uga, s/n. 

Tel: 928 830 147

Av. Price: 30€