But its origin is not another planet but the result of a creative crucible of volcanic fury and patient erosion. get to this surprising place you will have to ascend from Los Cristianos by the road towards El Teide. Once we pass Vilaflor and at about 2 kilometers we will find a sign to the right reading “Lomo Blanco” and after half an hour by car through that road crossing we will park the car to continue by foot. It is not a dangerous path, but is quite tiresome, around 40 minutes, which should be done with right clothing, food & drink. The route is very calm and beautiful, enjoying all along extensive vegetation.


We assure that it is worth it since what we will see at the end of the path is spectacular; indescribable formations, as if taken from the Moon, great columns that defy gravity, a total dryness between much vegetation, surprising. A place worth visiting and the descent is much more pleasing.