Castle San Miguel is an incredible construction consisting of an expanse of 6,000 square metres and made of Canarian canto stone, with principal towers of more than 16 metres in height and wide parking areas on a terrain of 20,000 square metres.


From the moment you enter the grounds, you find yourself in an authentic medieval world. The entrance is decorated with historical armour, swords, chests and scrolls of the medieval epoch. The Count, Don Rodrigo, and his daughter, the young Countess, receive you with greetings and wishing you welcome to their Castle. The friendly subjects of Count Rodrigo will escort you to the Tournament Room, where they will carry out a complex performance of medieval fighting and games in the presence of the Count, who watches from his spectator box.


During the Tournament, you will be served the banquet just as it was done in medieval times; one drinks soup directly from the bowl and eating is done with the hands, with an entire chicken and garnish being served per person.


The dinner is completed with dessert and beverages.


The invited guests of the Count are situated in tiers of tables and long benches and the visibility is optimal from any point of the Tournament Room. The arena where the horses and knights perform is of 50 metres in length, and the room has a capacity for 1100 guests.


Normally after the Tournaments, the invited guests will adjourn to a second room, which has a capacity for 800 guests. The Ballroom, as Count Rodrigo calls it, has a wide stage upon which the guests may dance and also where all kinds of performances are shown: Orchestra, Comedy, Acrobatics, Spanish Ballet, etc. This Room can be used independently from the other, as it has its own entrance as well as the service of three bars.


Castle San Miguel also offers you a third option; the Coliseum Room. It is for up to 800 guests, with its own bathrooms, bar service, and wide stage.


It also has an entrance independent from the Castle's, though the same parking area is used.


Enjoyment is assured at Castle San Miguel, a site bringing to you the magic of times past, both for adults as well as children. But if you desire to rent the locale without a performance, this is also possible, since events such as automobile brand presentations have been organised in the past as well, right on the (covered) arena floor of the Tournament Room.


You will be just a few short minutes from Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and the Tenerife Sur Airport .


Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday

Friday From 07/15 To 10/15


Adults: 45 €

Children: 22,50 €


Explore the medieval Castle and enter the magical world of the Knights of the Round Table.


Enjoy the free-flowing wine and Medieval banquet as the Knights begin their jousting tournament. Cheer as your Knight battles to the death in your honour.


Finish the evening with the Brasilian Acrobatics "Capoeira"



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San Miguel

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