dunas de maspalomas

It is possible to say that everybody likes the beach of Maspalomas, either the lovers of the tranquillity and calmness or those who prefer to go round the various bars or strolls on the coastline. Here we will find everything possible to spend a great day at the beach. From deck chairs to beach umbrellas, shopping centre, restaurants, game rooms, parking, emergency area, spas, showers, toilets, areas with disabled access.



Depending on where one decides to set camp on the beach, it feels like being in a completely different place each time, since it is a long beach and there is certainly no space problems.




If what you like is to enjoy the water and the sun in total fullness, there is a nudist zone that begins from the position of the Red Cross until Playa del Ingles. There is also a Gay area at the end of the beach marked with a rainbow flag.



dunas maspalomas

The sand of the dunes have become a tourist reclamation and there are even sports that use sand as main player such as snowboarding on sand…


The dunes are high and it is a unique experience to roll down them and enjoy the views from the top.