sioux city gran canariaSioux City was constructed in 1,972 for filming and is considered unique in Europe for the fact that it does not have facades but it is completely constructed, that is to say, it is an authentic “City of the West”.

sioux city gran canaria

In the last 30 years, Sioux City has been the scene for daily shows and TV set for many films, TV shows, video clips, advertising announcements, etc. Sioux City is located in a mountainous ravine and surrounded with cactus. The construction and decoration is faithful to the old “American Wild West”. The staff is made up of all type of professionals like artists, specialists, horse experts, craftsmen, and chefs.


They open daily, except Mondays from 10,00 to 17,00 with different shows (Mexican, cattle, wild west, singing, dancing).

 Friday nights there is a great show with barbecue included, country live music, and free bar from 20,00 to 24,00 hours. 
 SHOW TIMETABLE  12.00h. Indian Show (Saloon Theatre)             Traditional American Dance             Indian Dance             Knife and Axe show   12.45h. Mexican Show (Main Street)              Mexican Dance    Mexican Bandidos   13.15h. Cowboy Show (Saloon Theater)             Whip and lassos Fantasy             Can Can   15.00h. Big Wild West Show (Main Street)                  Hoe Down                  Indians on horse                  Cattle Parade                  Bank hold-up Other activities and services: Restaurant, Skill Games, Horseback riding, Miniature horses, Western Shops.  FRIDAY NIGHT BBQ (20.00/24.00 HRS) BBQ Dinner (20.00/21.00 hrs) Free Bar (4 hours of free bar with local drinks) Live country music (after dinner) Show (inicio 22.00 horas) Dance music with DJ at Saloon and line dance after show   End of the party (24.00 hrs)



San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Gran Canaria. Cañón del Águila.

Tel: 928 762573 / 762982