lineas maritimas romero

A natural treasure, golden fine sand beaches, clean, solitary and calm. Since it is the most northern island, the Atlantic washes its beaches with all its purity.

 Lineas Romero has an everytday service leaving from Orzola to the island of La Graciosa a short passage of 15 minutes in modern and safe boats with capacity for more than 100 passengers.  In order to make your stay more pleasant, with an hour of previous warning, you can enjoy food onboard at the restaurant “El Marinero”, whose specialty is fresh fish and local wines. 


Reservations: 902 401 666



Orzola- La Graciosa: 10.00/12.00/13.30/17.00/18.30 hours

La Graciosa - Orzola: 08.00/11.00/12.30/16.00/18.00 hours  


All passengers are covered by an insurance policy.