air nostrumAir Nostrum links the airport of North Tenerife with the cities of Alicante, Santander and Valladolid. Air Nostrum is the leader airline in regional aviation in Spain and one of the greatest regional airlines of  Europe, its 100% private capital is exclusive franchise of the group Iberia and is integrated in the Oneworld Alliance.


It has at the moment more than 2,000 employees, with more than 153,000 flights a year, flying to 67 destinations in more than 120 different routes, and transporting more than 5.2 million passengers a year. Air Nostrum is a financially solid company that invoices more than 500 million euros yearly. Its management, quality and prestige have given this company many prizes. It is the only European regional that has obtained three times the prize, in its Gold category, of Airline of the Year, granted by the ERA (European Regions Airline Association).  


It has also been awarded with the “Palme D´Or”, distinction of perpetuity, of the same association, to the Maintained Excellence; it is the only airline that at the moment possesses this prize.

Reservations: 902 400 500