Casa La Jarita

La Jarita, home to a humble family, reflects in its architecture the diverse elements essential for life in the countryside.The oven represents FIRE, old place for the elaboration of rye bread and typical dishes of the island’s gastronomy, such as quesadillas (egg custard), mantecados (cupcakes), magdalenas (muffins)... 

la jarita


The house is situated in an area close to a ravine, where puddles formed and were used for the beasts as, containing also a stone for hand washing, and surrounded by a channel to collect the WATER from the rain guiding it towards the well of the house for consumption by the family and the animals.


la jarita 


AIR; very close to the house we can find the threshing floor (rounded area of firm floor), place for winnowing the different grains and separating them from the pastures for family consumption, lentils, rye, barley… and finally, the EARTH, which is represented in the surroundings of the house, areas used for harvesting vegetables essential for life in the countryside, which many times were stored in the larder (pantry embedded in the stone wall of the living room to keep foods fresh). As we can see, the four elements of life are represented in the day to day of the house … 


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