Casa Pancho Molina

Starting from an original nucleus a new building has been projected, perfectly integrated in the environment. The main room is the lounge; in order to gain in luminosity and space this room connects visually with the bathroom, the kitchen and the two bedrooms.


pancho molina

 The chimney, flanked by masonry shelves, enriches the aesthetics of the little lounge. The attraction to open air life makes it so that areas such as the porch acquire greater importance. The iron and wood furnishings provide a comfortable abode. Capacity:     6Distribution: 2 double bedrooms. Living room. Kitchen-dining room. Entrance hall. Terrace Equipment: Chimney. Espresso coffeemaker. Mixer. Toaster. Satellite TV. Washing Machine. Music Equipment. Hair dryer. Microwave-Grill. Deck chairs. Household linen. Sofa bed. 

C/Piedra Alta, 6 A-Santa Lucía Puntallana.