La Palma is one of the most favourite rural destinations for many people due to the friendliness of its people, the agriculture and the respect for the landscape; a culture full of traditions, gastronomy, crafts and folklore.  

Hiking, bike riding, diving or simply sun bathing in one of the recondite black sand coves constitute some of the many possibilities that La Palma has to offer.


The Insular town hall of La Palma knows well the great possibility that this island has in terms of rural tourism and keeps developing, in a good way, this resource. It has undertaken the signalling of more than 1,000 kilometres following the international norms. This signalling includes great routes, like la Crestería or  los Volcanes that follow the crest of La Caldera and its summit, the one of the Coast way that borders the island, or the one of the ports that unite Santa Cruz of La Palma with Puerto de Tazacorte through the summit. It has also signalised smaller footpaths, so that the traveller can undertake many long or short walks from any point and without fear of getting lost.


La Palma has also a good network of great rural lodgings in proportion to its space, taking advantage of the great colonial small villages and the architectonic inheritance of the first settlers after the conquest. La Palma enjoys a rural offer that goes from small and intimate houses in its summits to rural hotels in privileged zones of the island, like the Hotel Palma Romántica en Barlovento.

 This island is a total canarian jewel of the rural tourism, not only because of the lodging, the footpaths, the excursions through its forests of laurisilva, its black sand beaches, its wild nature, but because of the union of the most intimate of traditions. A gastronomy marked by exquisite confectionery, the flavourful wines and its folkloric celebrations.