Lanzarote Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the Canary Islands. This idea starts from the initiative of a group of entrepeneurs, who decided to carry out a project to enable  to contemplate endemic species of the Atlantic marine fauna and characteristic species of the tropical milieu. 

The new tourist and cultural centre consists of thousands of different fish, over a million litres of water, educational programmes and an environment that recreates the habitat of these species.

aquarium lanzarote

The entrance tickets oscillate between 12 euros for adults and 8 euros for children. The aquarium  is set with a musical atmosphere according to the type of species being gazed at. The organization has been mindful to recreate settings that simulate the fall of the tide as well as painting the walls with the typical beaches of the Islands.  

aquiarium lanzarote


Among the most noticeable species are the sharks and the Lusitanian toadfish, a delightful specimen that merges with the rocks. There are also conch, moray, ornate wrase, longspine squirrelfish, red mullet, parrotfish, sea urchin, octopus and even starfish. It is important to highlight that the glass panes have been elaborated in different dimensions to provide the visitor with the possibility of visualizing, with greater exactitude, the characteristics of the specimen he wishes to study. For this reason, a simple seahorse will appear much more overdimensioned than a shark.

The sharks have been transported to Lanzarote from Indonesia. From this country they left for Holland, then Cádiz and by boat to the Island. All these species have endured a period of quarantine.

Avda. Las Acacias, s/n. 35.509 Costa Teguise-Lanzaote. Tel: 928 590 069