The living rooms are furnished combining Castilian and Isabelline styles, although a very personal, elegant and distinguished Canary Islands air is also conserved. The welcoming bedrooms, the swimming pool and the garden, exuberant and filled with subtropical species, are some of the attractions that complete the interior. The gastronomic display is represented by 'cazuela de pescados gomeros' (Gomera fish stew), 'lomos de conejo rellenos' (stuffed rabbit loin) and 'potaje de berros' (watercress soup). 

parador la gomera

The cuisine of La Gomera is based on simple and tasty dishes taking advantage of the ingredients of an excellent sea and of the particular crops of the island. The most typical dishes include watercress soup, 'almogrote' (cheese paste), parboiled sea bream, and baked milk pudding with palm honey. 

parador la gomera

Activities: Mountain bikes, swimming, underwater fishing, hiking, 4x4 vehicles.