It is the second generation of chefs in this family, and as well as what their parents did some years ago with the Tenderete, they have also turned to the Marabú Restaurant into one of the best restaurants of Fuerteventura. 

Located in the most southern points of the island, in Esquinzo, we find this surprising restaurant, with a traditional and modern fusion. A contemporary atmosphere which aims for a creative cuisine within their local dishes.   

It has a very kind and professional service that denotes dedication, which they recommend to us the best not the most expensive dish of the day, like fish carpaccios or the freshest meat. There is a great quality-price relation, highly rewarding food at a reasonable price.

It is very recommended to try the Foie of duck with palm honey, a delight.  The wine menu is quite ample and well is compensated, a little everything, something local and for the most demanding almost all national names to a price which is perhaps a little high.


Restaurant Marabú  

c/ Fuente de Hijas, s/n-Esquinzo

Telephone: 928 544 098


Av. Price: 20€