El Hierro conserves its authenticity and its natural values, in its little 278 square kilometres we can appreciate a continuous range of very different landscapes, from taps of lava and volcanic cones, to green pine groves, smooth prairies or authentic forests of laurels, together with rocky colossal cliff coasts that sink into blue waters, transparent and full of life.

It has one of the more spectacular marine bottoms of the world, an incredible volcanic landscape and hundreds of subtropical species.  Here you will experience a true encounter with the nature, crossing through its many footpaths, on foot or by bicycle, flying over its valleys in paragliding or deepening in its volcanic tubes to enjoy a new form of potholing, safe and fun.  

One of the places that we recommended visiting is the Cave of Don Justo. This volcanic tube has more than six kilometres with wonderful formations, which attract many scientists and fans of speleology. 

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