Santa Maria is not only a restaurant; it is also a museum. Ancient farming utensils, typical and old art exhibitions in its galleries, ceramics, embroiderings, typical clothing, projections, photographs… everything to transfer us to the oldest island of the archipelago, everything to invite us to a table that will take us by moments to the flavour, the colour and the scent of an ancient Fuerteventura, a Fuerteventura that has taken the step to the massive tourism.  

This beautiful restaurant opens from 11,00 to 19,00 to offer us a select and traditional kitchen, elaborated with the best raw materials from authentic kitchen artists.  

There are two ample dining rooms with the exquisite typical decoration and an ample terrace with views to the manicured gardens of the house.  You will find everything in the menu for a good price comparing with other establishments of this touristy area. Starters like cheeses and local hams, salads, potatoes with mojo, hot dates, prawns….

In terms of meats, by all means specialty is the “cabrito” (baby goat) and the goat, but also is fresh fish, “puchero” (local stew), paella, garlic fried mushrooms ..... and as for dessert, anything and everything absolutely delicious.

There is a good wine menu with great local selections and national denominations.


Restaurant Casa Santa Maria  

C/Puerto Azul, 4. Playa de Ajuy-Pájara

Telephone: 928 878 282

Av. Price: 15/18€