Its manager Jose Luis Marrero Perez has achieved that this majestic house of authentic local style conserves all culinary idiosyncrasy of the island.

la lonjaThis restaurant is in an old house, and we can find an authentically canarian kitchen based in the fresh local raw material: fish, suckling pig, lamb. We will be able to enjoy at all times a familiar and affectionate treat.

Its decoration is typical canarian, and by all means the wood is the main element in all its details, from the stairs that lead us to the superior dining room with capacity for 40 people, through to the great typical large windows of a house from the end of the XVIII century or the spectacular canarian balcony of its facade.  

Any dish within the menu of La Lonja is highly recommended since the quality of each and one of them is indisputable.

The same goes for the desserts, delicious and freshly made according to traditional local recipes. Its wine menu has 20 denominations of origin, a small selection of flavourful wines.  

Because of the comfort of its location, its wonderful menu and its good prices, La Lonja restaurant is a great place to enjoy good food. 

Restaurant La Lonja

Avda.Marítima, 55. S/C de La Palma.

Tel: 922 415 266

Av. Price: 20€