In each one of these routes there are a series of specific characteristics in terms of the flora and fauna that this company will help us appreciate and understand.



The routes have been designed by a group of specialized guides who direct their offer to those people who wish to have a deeper knowledge on the natural and cultural patrimony of Lanzarote. This is done in a way that is affordable for all since even if the routes are very rich in content, they are not long and tiresome. In fact, they are very pleasant.



The Northern zone: From the top of Famara towards the town of Haria through the precipice of Elvira Sanchez crossing the wonderful forest of palms. In this itinerary we will ascend to the volcano of La Corona which lava created the formation of the cave of Los Verdes and the Jameos del Agua.



The Southern zone: In this visit the main dish are the volcanoes. You will be able to enter within several craters, observe close by all the wonders of the landscape that the lava has created in the eruptions of 1730 and 1824. We will also visit the Natural Monument of the Cave of Los Naturistas, volcanic tube of 1.600m of length that crosses 400m, to understand the operation of a volcano and the resurgence of life on lava.



Ravines: Specially thought for those who are used to walk/hike. We will descend the ravine with a landscape that has been declared as protected. Its curiosity is that it is a ravine that was excavated through the erosion of the water during thousands of years in the oldest geologic part of the island, in Famara. It covers 7 km in descent through the bed of the ravine.



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