This municipality is the one with the least population of the Canary Islands (1797 inhabitants) and is the one with highest altitude of all Spain with 1500m on the sea level. It is surrounded by forests and has a peculiar climate that attracts since the early days, people with respiratory problems due to its pure fresh air. In spite of its size, Vilaflor surprises us with its charms, from its historical centre where we can visit the Church of San Pedro apostle as well as the Betlehemite convent, with the house where the first Canarian saint was born (the brother Pedro or San Pedro de San Jose de Betancourt).


In addition to this historical legacy, Vilaflor stands out because of its beauty, its landscapes, with plantations in terraces covered with sands from the volcano, as well as Moon landscapes (volcanic formation that transfers us from Tenerife to the Moon) or the Fat Pines (pine with the greatest width in Spain). Here is the tributary of the local water called Fuente Alta.


There are spectacular hikes around Vilaflor, and the sky at night is impressively clear. It has good food and is home to good local wines, specially whites.