The mount of Teno is 7.3 million years old and is one of the oldest zones of the island, easy to see due to the steepness of the land and the depth of the precipices that go across the northwest of Tenerife. The greatest expression of its grandiosity is reflected in the cliffs of Los Gigantes, a great basaltic wall that rises from the bottom of the sea and goes up into the skies. With a height of 600 metres, these cliffs dazzle visitors as much as its residents.


We can reach this location through several routes. From the north of the Island, through Buenavista del Norte or through the highway of the west that ascends from Guia de Isora towards Santiago del Teide. Both ways will take us to one of the most beautiful small villages of the Island of Tenerife: Masca. It has a population of no more than 80 people and it is a very picturesque place, where we will be able to enjoy tranquillity and nature. This hamlet is hanging from a precipice and has been able to conserve its traditional character, respecting the surroundings and without resigning to tourism.


Many people visit Masca daily to enjoy the views or to hike. There is a special route for hiking lovers which goes from the highest part of Masca, descending the precipice until the beach. To go back, there are two options, turning around and going up or by a boat-taxi that will transfer us from the beach of Masca until Puerto de Santiago.


There is tradition and gastronomy in Teno; mainly in the town of El Palmar as well as in Masca where there is still basketwork crafts, as well as with wood. The gastronomy of the zone is based on sea and land products, from the typical “papas” (potatoes) to rabbit, goat meats and fish. In addition, this zone of the island is well-known for its patisseries, especially in Buenavista del Norte.


Hiking, Golf or Skydiving, mountain or coast, black sand or pebble beaches, seeing from a distance the islands of La Palma and La Gomera, many and very diverse options that Teno offers us.