This is a paradise of great food, nailed in one of the prettiest zones of Gran Canaria. It is located in Mogán, a sport’s wharf of great beauty and great culinary variety and one of the touristiest places on the island.  pescadito frito

The menu is large to satisfy most tastes in terms of fish, elaborated by the hands of many of the wives of the fishermen who as well as them, have also inherited their profession from their parents. Two different atmospheres, cosy and simple tables in the street with paper table cloths.

A simple service for such a special kitchen. Inside the scent of the sea changes to the smell of the kitchen, exchanging the shade of a parasol by the cosy treatment of its waiters.  

Each corner of this restaurant reminds us of the laborious daily work of the fishermen, pictures of canarian boats which are now sunk or used like nautical museums or quartered to recycle its wood, marine knots made with the force of the hands of a man, manuals with the marine flora of the islands.  

Everything reflects simplicity and greatness; the trust reflected by the kitchen artists will make you enjoy the best of our seas.



Cofradía de Pescadores de Mogán


Tfno: 928 565 321


Av. Price: 15€