The town of Tefía belongs to the municipality of Puerto del Rosario and is located in the Northwest of the island, on a large plain. Until the 70s, the inhabitants of Tefía were mainly dedicated to the farming activities. From then on, with the introduction of tourism, the town began to lose its population into the tourist zones and the capital of the island, and thus creating a big crisis in agriculture. 226 neighbours constitute the population of Tefía.


The town is composed by a set of representative houses of the traditional domestic architecture of Fuerteventura.


The houses are separated by stone-fenced enclosures that were once used for the cultivation of some plants and for keeping the cattle. As a whole this town constitutes an example of the traditional habitat of the island, reason why it has been rehabilitated into an eco-museum.


This museum has recreated the traditional daily life of the island, through elements and activities that comprise the daily tasks of the people and complemented with information services.


Eco-museum of  La Alcogida de Tefía.

Information and reservations: 928 851 400