*Museo House Colon (Columbus house): Collection of pre-Hispanic ceramics. This house dates from the XVII century. The Construction has 2 different heights and has an L shape. It was property of the Castro family and was rented to lodge School of Art and Trade headquarters of La Gomera in the second decade of the XX. Once closed, the House passed through inheritance to the Fernandez family. In 1962, the City council of La Villa acquired the building. In 1979 a restoration is carried out turning it into “the Canary House” from the XVII century. C/Real, s/n. San Sebastián de la Gomera. Tel: 922 140 106.

*Museo Etnográfico Virgilio Brito: Traditional pieces of crafts and furniture. C/Las Hoyetas, s/n. Hermigua. Tel: 922 140 106.