The game consists in marking and eliminating the members of the opposite team with gelatine balls filled with colorants shot by compressed air pistols. The game takes place in a field with different obstacles and with a set of aims like flag capture, arriving at the enemy base and others. The facilities have a field of 100x60 meters with a rest area and equipment for 24 people (2 teams of 12).


There is protecting gear such as facemasks and blue overalls. The games last 5-10 minutes with a total duration of 3 hours, if the body can manage it! There are referees at all times explaining the rules so you only need to concentrate on having fun.


It is not considered a sport by many people due to the violence element involved, but it guarantees a good laugh with your friends and to free yourself of any accumulated stress.


Information and Reservations: 928 830 038
Opening times: 10-18h